What we do

By being a Bumblebee you help us to develop the creativity of children from disadvantaged backgrounds who are less likely to have access to creative activities at home, and who may be struggling with literacy at school.

We work with local authorities and schools to target the places across the country where children are most in need. We run FREE creative workshops for small groups of primary school children, to encourage their creative thinking, develop their reading and creative writing skills, and to spark their imaginations.

Improving children’s access to creative activities has been proven to help support their learning in other areas.

If you are a teacher and would like to know more about how we can help your school, please email us

Did you know?

  1. Participation in structured arts activities can increase cognitive abilities by 17%.
  2. Learning through arts and culture can improve attainment in Maths and English.
  3. Students from low-income families who take part in arts activities at school are three times more likely to get a degree.
  4. Students from low-income families who engage in the arts are 20% more likely to vote as young adults.
  5. Children who take part in arts activities in the home during their early years are ahead in reading and Maths at age nine.
  6. People who take part in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health.

* Taken from The Cultural Learning Alliance’s ImagineNation: The Value of Cultural Learning.

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